Top 5 Mobile Data Collection Apps that You Should Try

Top 5 Mobile Data Collection Apps that You Should Try

Mobile Data Collection

Collecting data has now become much more advanced than before. Earlier, there was a lot of paperwork involves and had several manual tasks to be performed. Later with the internet, it became a little easier, but the people had to seek an internet connection to provide data. Today with mobile devices, it is not difficult for people to find an internet connection. The internet is accessible in most areas around the world. A lot of jobs have also evolved to become remote jobs due to the introduction of smartphones.

Today 93% of the workers use a smartphone every day. These workers spent close to 33% of the day using cell phones at work. The top three tasks performed by them are texting, making calls, and emailing. They used smartphones for viewing and editing their documents at least five times a day. If they had to choose between desktop or smartphones to access their records, 42% preferred smartphones over desktops. This survey was done by Samsung was together information about the use of smartphones for data collection. The app developers have found this information useful and hence have created several data collection apps for the users. Here are the best mobile data collection apps that you can try out.

JotForm Mobile Forms

JotForm Mobile Forms

It is free to use application which is available on iOs and Android. JotForm is an online form builder application which became popular due to its easy to use interface and plenty of features. It is capable of collecting data on a single page and eliminated the use of siloed solutions to gather information.


Smartsheet offers a 30-day free trial before the paid subscription. The app counts around 75% of the Fortune 500 companies. The app features plenty of tools to distribute, collect, and manage the data. It has a desktop version as well, which makes it available at all platforms.

Device Magic

This application is free to use and is available for both Android and iOS. The app helps the users to share and collect information on the go. It was first a PC platform which was later introduced to mobile devices for better accessibility. User can also use this application without the internet to fill up forms to send them later.

Zoho Forms

Zoho is free to use platform available on Google Play Store as well as AppStore. With this app, the user can make custom forms, collect massive data, and manage the data for how it is supposed to be used. User can build a form from scratch using dozens of templates.


Fulcrum offers a 14-day free trial before the paid subscription and is available for Android and iOS. The app is especially for the field-workers to collect and share information. The users need to register on a desktop before they can use the mobile app. It features a variety of templates for different industries, including agriculture, tourism, construction, and more.