4 Things to Know About Mobile Data Collection

4 Things to Know About Mobile Data Collection

Mobile Data Collection

Telecommunication has been advancing every year for providing better connection and internet speed on smart wireless devices. Today mobile phones are available with 80%of the global population, along with 25% of internet access, and 12% of personal computers. The rate of mobile use and internet use is still increasing at a rapid rate. This is pushing researchers and developers to improve connectivity even more and also provide quality data across all platforms. With the increase of internet via mobile devices, the growth of fixed-line coverage is declining, which is changing the data collection process. Following are the things about mobile data collection that you should know about.

Mobile respondents are different

Mobile respondents

It is important to understand how the sample frame and sample source work to provide wide coverage of the target population. According to a survey, out of 600,000 members, only 17% of online opt-in panellists said that they would like to opt for mobile surveys while 30% refused. Furthermore, in a survey of mobile web, SMS, and traditional online users, it was found that the users with mobile web survey had a higher level of education compared to the other two types of respondents.

The required data needs to be planned

The mobile-based surveys can be easy to conduct, but it is important to know what the survey should have in order to collect the right data. There are three important things to consider while putting out a survey. It is important to know the right information that you need from the survey. Along with that, you should know what information is available to you that you can use for data collection, such as the user’s details. At last, you will need to use all the necessary information appropriately to design the survey.

Cost of data needs to be considered

Cost of data

Once you have an idea of what data you want to collect, you will be using several platforms and tools to design and spread your surveys. It will cost a sum to push the survey online in order to collect data. Every single data collection with cost an amount. Every data point or survey question can add an additional cost for your surveyors and respondents.

Identifiers are important as well

Identifiers are the information that identifies the source and context of a survey. It is as important as the data on which the subject or program is based upon. With more identifiers, you can filter out the spam survey and will be able to pinpoint the successes and failures for your program precisely. Identifiers can get overwhelming if they are used for every small information. It is important to make the right use of them so they can filter the right performance.