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Tips & Traps

Know the lifespan of the data and how long can it be circulated for surveying. Use the indicators to know when the users stop taking the survey and find the problems with the questions to have a better data collection lifespan.
Understand the policy of your data collection and let it be clear to your users as well before they can take your survey. This will help in getting more legitimate answers rather than spam surveys.

Learn the security risks involved in data collection and management for better functioning of the information. Use the right tools to protect your data from competing marketers and keep your data safe and private to your company.

The Right Mobile Data Collection Tool

  • Understand the benefits of using mobile apps for data collection. It will improve the efficiency and speed of data collection and management.

  • Know what your requirements are to only get the important information and to avoid unnecessary questions and data.

  • Mobile applications are also beneficial in cutting off the paperwork to avoid damaging the environment. It is much faster and efficient while keeping the workplace cleaner and environmentally friendly.

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Great platform to learn about mobile data collection. It is a great way to boost the survey process while we can also manage our data more efficiently.

Jeffrey C. Watson

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Facial technology to be used on online loan applications

Earlier this week, UK direct payday lender payday pixie announced that they were introducing facial recognition technology to their online loan platform in order to help further secure individuals personal information.

The reason for the new changes to their loan application process is to prevent individuals taking out a loan in someone else’s name, or even taking out a loan using a fake name in order to access additional finances. There has been a steep rise in the UK personal loan sector of individuals taking out a loan in their partner or friends name which is classified as a type of fraud.

For an individual to be able to apply for a loan, they must supply information such as the following:

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Address
  • Bank account
  • Salary

The above information is not necessarily private to any individual and can be easily accessed by almost anyone especially if you have transferred money to someone. With the online loan industry coming under much more scrutiny in recent years, because of how easy it is to apply for a loan not only under your own name, but under another individuals name; it was only a matter of time before data security was stepped up.

Facial Technology on mobiles

Many different types of mobile phones already have facial recognition enabled. The idea of tapping into this already existing technology is what appeals to many different online lenders due to the security of the technology. So far, there have been no major data breaches and identity issues with regards to apple’s facial recognition technology.

The new facial recognition will ensure that an individuals personal details are stored against full facial recognition data to ensure that the individual applying for a loan is who they say they are. What this will ensure is that anyone who is applying for a loan will only be able to apply online under their own name. If anyone tries to apply under a number of alias’ the facial recognition will pick up on this and completely block the loan application and as a result prevent any potential damage to the unsuspecting victims credit rating.

We have already seen facial recognition come into many different industries such as gambling and healthcare. By ensuring that facial recognition is implemented on more online loan platforms, more and more people will have their own personal data secure.

The online bank monzo, who heavily rely on facial recognition have already reported huge improvements to the number of fraud cases that are reported on a daily basis. As it makes identity theft and card cloning almost impossible as the card is activated by the rightful owners face especially when a mobile payment is made.

Only time will tell how successful facial recognition will prove to be to the UK loan industry, however if it is anything as successful as the gambling and healthcare industry, it could potentially revolutionise the loan process online.

Will this only be available on mobile loan applications?

At the moment, the plan is to roll the technology across the mobile loan application platform. There has been no mention of when this could also be live on tablets, laptops and desktops etc. The reason for this is due to the face that the majority of web searches now take place on a mobile device. There is also the added benefit of nearly all modern mobile phones having a front facing camera, which makes the facial recognition technology work.

How to apply for a loan online using your mobile phone

Tips on applying for a loan on your mobile

Nearly everything is available to us at the simple click of a button. More and more services are now more mobile friendly than ever making a huge number of online services more accessible than ever!

With limited availability of finance and a growing number of desires, it is not easy to maintain a balance of costs. One has to borrow money from loved ones or have to seek financial help from banks. Of all the options available, loans are the best and most secure. The borrower checks all available options of the Loan Company, evaluates its performance, the conditions applied in approving the loan, and the time period for which it will be granted.

The online loan process

Credit Check: All direct lenders are required to carry out a credit history check; this is to assess your previous financial positions to see if you have a good history of repaying debts etc. They will also check to see if you have any outstanding loans or have recently applied for a number for a number of loans.

Interest rate: Each lending company has a different interest rate depending on its services. Some of them charge high while others follow government approved rates. If you would like to keep your personal loan within the budget, be sure to check the interest rate. You will pay for it in the long run, so make sure it is in your budget.

Legal formalities: The lending company must comply with all legal formalities in accordance with government regulations and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). You can read about them before contacting any company. Ask the loan provider to make everything available in the loan agreement documents. This will put you at ease by knowing that the lender is working within UK guidelines.

When applying for a loan on your mobile, the process is very easy and straightforward. You will need to complete an application form, depending on the direct lender you choose to apply with. The application form will capture information such as your personal details, monthly income and outgoings, address and reasons why you are applying for a loan.

This is all information that you should have to hand, so there is no reason to have to go into your local bank to demand 6 months’ worth of bank statements. When applying for a loan online it is also important to provide the lender with all the correct information as incorrect information can cause delays to the process.

What can i use an online loan for?

There are a number of reasons as to why an individual would need to apply for a loan, like a car or a house, or maybe university? UK Direct lender Lucky Loans have stated that the most common use of a loan is to cover emergency and unexpected costs that affect people’s cash flow.

Unless you have carefully planned and saved money, you will probably need to apply for a loan. Obtaining approval is largely dependent on your credit history and current financial situation.

When it comes to unsecured loans, lenders are much more sensitive to your credit history. This is because the liability of repaying the loan is solely on you, meaning that there is more risk for the lender. If you have an application submitted but the lender rejects your application, this could be for a host of reasons, more than likely due to your credit rating. However some lenders will also offer bad credit loans, although this may come with a slight increase in interest rates. This is because they perceive you as a high risk. On the plus side, if you make repayments on time, you are helping to repair your credit and the next time you apply for a loan you can get better terms.

However, it can increase your chances of being approved if you decide to apply for a secured loan. The loans secured by the bank require the borrower to provide collateral against the money.

To apply for a loan online using your mobile phone, you will follow exactly the same application process as you would when applying from a desktop of a tablet. Your data will be kept secure as all UK direct lenders have to ensure that their application forms are fully encrypted meaning that your personal information is kept safe and secure. All online loan applications will provide you with an instant decision, so you will not be kept in the dark on whether or not you have been accepted for a loan or not.

Mobile Data Collection

4 Things to Know About Mobile Data Collection

Telecommunication has been advancing every year for providing better connection and internet speed on smart wireless devices. Today mobile phones are available with 80%of the global population, along with 25% of internet access, and 12% of personal computers. The rate of mobile use and internet use is still increasing at a rapid rate. This is pushing researchers and developers to improve connectivity even more and also provide quality data across all platforms. With the increase of internet via mobile devices, the growth of fixed-line coverage is declining, which is changing the data collection process. Following are the things about mobile data collection that you should know about.

Mobile respondents are different

Mobile respondents

It is important to understand how the sample frame and sample source work to provide wide coverage of the target population. According to a survey, out of 600,000 members, only 17% of online opt-in panellists said that they would like to opt for mobile surveys while 30% refused. Furthermore, in a survey of mobile web, SMS, and traditional online users, it was found that the users with mobile web survey had a higher level of education compared to the other two types of respondents.

The required data needs to be planned

The mobile-based surveys can be easy to conduct, but it is important to know what the survey should have in order to collect the right data. There are three important things to consider while putting out a survey. It is important to know the right information that you need from the survey. Along with that, you should know what information is available to you that you can use for data collection, such as the user’s details. At last, you will need to use all the necessary information appropriately to design the survey.

Cost of data needs to be considered

Cost of data

Once you have an idea of what data you want to collect, you will be using several platforms and tools to design and spread your surveys. It will cost a sum to push the survey online in order to collect data. Every single data collection with cost an amount. Every data point or survey question can add an additional cost for your surveyors and respondents.

Identifiers are important as well

Identifiers are the information that identifies the source and context of a survey. It is as important as the data on which the subject or program is based upon. With more identifiers, you can filter out the spam survey and will be able to pinpoint the successes and failures for your program precisely. Identifiers can get overwhelming if they are used for every small information. It is important to make the right use of them so they can filter the right performance.

Mobile Data Collection

Top 5 Mobile Data Collection Apps that You Should Try

Collecting data has now become much more advanced than before. Earlier, there was a lot of paperwork involves and had several manual tasks to be performed. Later with the internet, it became a little easier, but the people had to seek an internet connection to provide data. Today with mobile devices, it is not difficult for people to find an internet connection. The internet is accessible in most areas around the world. A lot of jobs have also evolved to become remote jobs due to the introduction of smartphones.

Today 93% of the workers use a smartphone every day. These workers spent close to 33% of the day using cell phones at work. The top three tasks performed by them are texting, making calls, and emailing. They used smartphones for viewing and editing their documents at least five times a day. If they had to choose between desktop or smartphones to access their records, 42% preferred smartphones over desktops. This survey was done by Samsung was together information about the use of smartphones for data collection. The app developers have found this information useful and hence have created several data collection apps for the users. Here are the best mobile data collection apps that you can try out.

JotForm Mobile Forms

JotForm Mobile Forms

It is free to use application which is available on iOs and Android. JotForm is an online form builder application which became popular due to its easy to use interface and plenty of features. It is capable of collecting data on a single page and eliminated the use of siloed solutions to gather information.


Smartsheet offers a 30-day free trial before the paid subscription. The app counts around 75% of the Fortune 500 companies. The app features plenty of tools to distribute, collect, and manage the data. It has a desktop version as well, which makes it available at all platforms.

Device Magic

This application is free to use and is available for both Android and iOS. The app helps the users to share and collect information on the go. It was first a PC platform which was later introduced to mobile devices for better accessibility. User can also use this application without the internet to fill up forms to send them later.

Zoho Forms

Zoho is free to use platform available on Google Play Store as well as AppStore. With this app, the user can make custom forms, collect massive data, and manage the data for how it is supposed to be used. User can build a form from scratch using dozens of templates.


Fulcrum offers a 14-day free trial before the paid subscription and is available for Android and iOS. The app is especially for the field-workers to collect and share information. The users need to register on a desktop before they can use the mobile app. It features a variety of templates for different industries, including agriculture, tourism, construction, and more.